Shared Governance Developments

  • Shared Governance Ad Hoc Committee created April 2022
  • External benchmarking and internal assessment carried out by Ad Hoc Committee May-Nov. 2022
  • Shared Governance website created Fall 2022.
  • University Advisory Council created Spring 2023 with a representative from each governing body on campus (President, SGA President, Faculty Senate Chair, Classified Staff Council Chair, Graduate Council Chair). This council meets regularly to discuss shared governance issues across campus and emergency meetings may be called for urgent matters.
  • Budget Working Group re-instated Spring 2023 with CFO and representation from the faculty Budget and Academic Planning Committee.
  • Shared Governance Town Hall held Fall 2023 to assess progress of ad hoc committee and brainstorm ideas for new and improved developments.
  • New administrative procedure created Spring 2024 to establish a shared governance process by which Board of Governors rules and university policies and administrative procedures are created and amended.
  • Non-Classified Staff Council is in the process of being created. Elections will be held during Summer 2024. Election GuidelinesBreakdown of Council Representation