Bob Hayes Staff Awards


Dr. Robert B. “Bob” Hayes, who served as the President of Marshall University from 1974-1983, is remembered as having played a critical role in establishing the Marshall University School of Medicine. His tenure as President is fittingly referred to as the “Decade of Progress” due to his many achievements for the Marshall campus and community, which were academic as well as structural.

In order to recognize and remember those achievements, a very generous donation has been made in Dr. Hayes’s name with the intention of honoring six deserving Marshall University employees for their commitment and dedication to this University.

The Awards

Nominations are being sought for staff members who have made exceptional contributions to Marshall University in roles that have supported academics, research, student services, outreach, administration, or others. We know that the Marshall community, especially amidst a pandemic, is known for being a proud community that bands together with creativity, dedication, and commitment to embody the phrase “We Are Marshall.” Any permanent staff employee at Marshall University, regardless of classification, can be nominated.

The six different award categories, which will each receive a $500 award, are as follows:

The Difference Maker” –  Community Impact Award

One who demonstrates the immediate and lasting impact an individual can have on the lives of others as exhibited by his/her extraordinary commitment to giving back in our community.

  • 2020 Difference Maker Winner – Peggy Hovatter
  • 2021 Difference Maker Winner – Tracey Eggleston

“The Power of One” – University Impact Award 

One who positively inspires and influences others within their department and the campus as a whole.

  • 2020 Power of One Winner – Eric Wallace
  • 2021 Power of One Winner – Bianca Bragg

“The Stand Out Performer” – Exceeds Expectations Award 

One who consistently dedicates him/herself to giving their best at work.   This staff member’s commitment and attitude inspire those around him/her.

  • 2020 Stand Out Performer Winner – Bob Easthom
  • 2021 Stand Out Performer Winner – Jamez Morris Smith

“Above and Beyond Champion” – Student Service Award

One who has performed tasks or services in an exemplary manner, has gone “above and beyond” what is expected in their normal range of responsibilities, and/or has improved the quality of life for sons and daughters of Marshall.

  • 2020 Above and Beyond Champion Winner – Martha Runyon
  • 2021 Above and Beyond Champion Winner – Morgan Conley

“Leader of the Herd” – Marshall’s Ambassador Award

One who leads and lives by Marshall’s Mission, Vision and Creed and contributes to the overall betterment of Marshall by being an ambassador in all aspects of his/her personal and professional life.  

  • 2020 Leader of the Herd Winner – Glen Midkiff
  • 2021 Leader of the Herd Winner – Doug Chapman

“Exceptional Dedication and Commitment” – Council’s Choice Award

One who demonstrates exceptional dedication and deep commitment to Marshall University’s vision:  “To inspire learning and creativity that ignites the mind, nurtures the spirit, and fulfills the promise of a better future.”

  • 2020 Exceptional Dedication and Commitment Winner – Lacie Bittinger
  • 2021 Exceptional Dedication and Commitment Winner – Michelle Biggs

The Committee

Marshall University President, Dr. Gilbert, has asked the Classified Staff Council to establish criteria for distributing these awards and proceed with taking nominations and awarding them. The following members of the Classified Staff Council have volunteered to form a committee for this purpose.

Tony Waugh – Staff Council Chair, Physical Plant

Nina Barrett – Accounts Payable

Carol Hurula – Academic Affairs

Teresa Meddings – Accounts Payable

Becky Lusher – Facilities Planning

Eric Wallace – Physical Plant

Crystal Stewart – Information Technology

Chris Hodge – Library


Nominations are due no later than Thursday, November 11th, 2021 at 4:30pm.