Staff Council Members

2023-2025 Classified Staff Council Members

Classified Staff Council Executive Committee 2023 – 2025

EEO 10 – Executive, Administrative & Managerial

Name Department Phone Email
Lacie Bittinger Lewis College of Business 304-696-2612
Carol Hurula Academic Affairs 304-696-6841
Becky Lusher Facilities Planning and Management 304-696-6415
Anita Mathis Biomedical Sciences 304-696-7322
Mark Brumfield Facilities and Operations

EEO 30 – Other Professionals

Name Department Phone Email
Dena Laton Library 304-696-3141
Anna Evans Financial Aid 304-696-3162
Carleen O’Neill Graduate Studies 304-696-2975
Lisa Ransbottom Biological Science 304-696-5413
Rob Williamson Information Technology 304-696-3373

EEO 40 – Technical and Paraprofessional

Name Department Phone Email
Jesse Baldwin Accounts Payable 304-696-6488
Nina Barrett Accounts Payable 304-634-3852
Beretta Coleman Student Support Services 304-696-3164
Lisa Maynard School of Medicine 304-691-1720

EEO 50 – Clerical

Name Department Phone Email
Maegan Gruber-Basenback Admissions 304-696-5689
Terri Thompson College of Education and Professional Development 304-696-2340
Amy Weaver Sociology/Anthropology 304-696-6700

EEO 60/70 – Service & Maintenance

Name Department Phone Email
Tim Cline Physical Plant 304-696-3199
Heather Lowe Physical Plant
Nick Martin Public Safety
Larry Morris Public Safety 304-696-4357
Justin Tyler Physical Plant 304-696-6615