Staff Council Members

2017-2019 Classified Staff Council Members

Classified Staff Council Executive Committee 2017 – 2018


EEO 10 – Executive, Administrative & Managerial
Lacie Bittinger x62612 Lewis College of Business
Tootie Carter x62528 MSC Operating
Carol Hurula x66841 Academic Affairs
Amad Mirzakhani 304-746-1976 Information Technology – MUGC
Crystal Stewart x62970 Information Technology
EEO 30 – Other Professionals
Katherine Hetzer x62596 Human Resources
Leonard Lovely x62485 Mail Services
Teresa Meddings x62215 Purchase Card
Timothy Melvin x66840 Academic Affairs
Jonathan Sutton  x65224 Finance Information Technology
EEO 40 – Technical and Paraprofessional
Nina Barrett x62216 Accounts Payable
Karena Burriss x62217 Purchase Card
Toni Ferguson x63239 College of Education
Lisa Maynard 304-691-1720 School of Medicine Finance & Administration
Missy Morrison 304-691-1511 School of Medicine – Psychiatry
EEO 50 – Clerical
Patty Carman x62259 Registrar’s Office
Jami Hughes x66700 Sociology & Anthropology
EEO 60/70 – Service & Maintenance
David Childers x63534 Biotechnology Center Operating
Timothy Cline x63199 Physical Plant
Marcos Serrat x66685 MUPD
Justin Tyler x66615 Physical Plant
Tony Waugh x62491 Physical Plant