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The Environmental Health & Safety Department would like to congratulate Kenneth Devlin, Mengying Cao, and 9 year old Kayleigh Edwards for winning the Annual Stormwater Slogan Contest.  Their participation and knowledge captured the effects polluted stormwater has on our environment.  These slogans will be used throughout the semester to help spread the knowledge how our actions impact stormwater and our environment.  Marshall University is fortunate to have an environmentally conscience student body .  We want to thank all of the participants for their time and efforts in this contest.


Winning Slogans:


You have the power to change rain into a deadly poison!  Do you really want to?

Kenneth Devlin


Treasure water like our life.

Mengying Cao


Keep the pollution away and it will make your day.       

Kayleigh Edwards (9 yr./old)



Illicit Discharge

If you know of a suspected illicit discharge or other pollution concern please report it to the Physcial Plant at 304-696-6680 or email