Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)

Marshall University implemented the IDDE program to effectively prohibit and eliminate non-stormwater, illegal discharges, and/or dumping into the municipal separate storm sewer system to the regulatory extent allowable under State and Local law.  The program will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated when necessary.

Construction Site Run-Off Control Program

Marshall University’s Construction Site Run-off Control Program was initiated to educate and inform all contractors working on campus of the stormwater requirements for construction activities.  The ongoing program assesses, implements, and enforces the reduction of pollutants in stormwate runoff to Marshall University’s small MS4 from construction site activities that result in a land disturbance of one acre or greater.

Pollution Prevention Plan/Good Housekeeping Guidance Document (PPP/GH)

The PPP/GH guidance document has the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing polluted runoff from Marshall University’s operations.  The goal will be achieved through developed and established maintenance standards that will help protect the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of receiving waters, inspection schedules to determine if maintenance standards are being met, and procedures for record keeping and tracking inspections.

Recycling Program

By Recycling, not only do we conserve and save resources, but we also have an immediate and positive impact on our campus, community and world! Recycling is easy, but it requires a conscious effort to be aware of our actions. Every time we throw things in the trash, we are allowing landfills to overflow and harm the environment. You will find recycling bins located all over the Marshall University campus. These bins are placed so that recycling is convenient for students, faculty and staff members on campus. Choose to Be Marshall Green. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Illicit Discharge

If you know of a suspected illicit discharge or other pollution concern please report it to the Physcial Plant at 304-696-6680 or email