Upward Bound

UB_jpgUpward Bound at Marshall University serves 9th through 12th grade students from Cabell County (Huntington High School), Wayne County (Tolsia and Wayne High Schools) and Lincoln County (Lincoln County High School) in southwestern West Virginia.During the summer students spend six weeks on the Marshall campus preparing for a college education. Classes include mathematics, science, literature, communications, computers, drama, career and many others. Students also travel, attend cultural enrichment activities and live in the Twin Towers Residence Halls. Throughout the year students benefit from tutoring, intense individual counseling, programming on the Marshall campus, travel, assistance with admissions and financial aid information, and much more. Students earn a stipend each month and a Reward Trip for participation in the school year program. The program’s success is high with an average of 85% of its graduates going on to a post-secondary education.For more information or an application call 696.2443. For questions or comments you can give us a call at 304-696-2443 or 304-696-6462. You can e-mail us at collier18@marshall.edu. Students can visit and like the all new Facebook page.