What is Consent?

Consent is an agreement, verbally communicated or physically agreed, between participants on sexual activity engagement. Consent must be given at each stage of sexual activity from kissing, to touching, to sex. You must have consent at each level, and each new activity with your partner(s).

What is not consent?

Consent is not present any time someone exhibits the following:

  • Verbal non-consent
    • “No”
    • “Stop, I don’t want to”
  • A lack of verbal consent, does not mean “yes”. If you partner is exhibiting lack of verbal consent, you do NOT have consent. Lack of verbal consent can look like:
    • Not communicating with you/staying quiet
    • Turning away from you and not engaging
    • Avoiding touching you

If you are ever unsure if you have or need consent, remember the following

  • Verbally communicated consent is always more clear, and physical consent may not be as clear. If you partner(s) look uncomfortable at any time, stop immediately and check-in with them!
  • Consent can be reversed at any time
  • Consent is needed for every sexual engagement, even if you have previously engaged in the sexual activity. Ask for consent every time!