V.P.R. Educator Program

Violence Prevention & Response Educators (V.P.R.E)

Marshall University Violence Prevention & Response Educators are comprised of undergraduate students who are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful campus environment by leading comprehensive and collaborative prevention initiatives, fostering a culture of community responsibility, and offering advocacy and support services to victims of sexual & interpersonal violence. Student advocates take a 30-hour course over two semesters to learn about interpersonal violence and its effects. They also receive education on sexual and intimate partner violence and learn how to be effective advocates when someone discloses violence. The course helps them gain the knowledge and skills needed to respond appropriately to these situations.

Violence Prevention & Response Advocates offer the following services:

  • Listen to students, offer support based on their individual needs, and provide them with appropriate resources.
  • Assist students with submitting a Title IX Complaint or Student Conduct Incident Report
  • Act as a “support person” in Title IX hearings
  • Assist and facilitate presentations regarding bystander intervention strategies, healthy relationship building, and supportive responses for students impacted by interpersonal violence
  • Motivate students to reflect on their attitudes and actions that could potentially compromise the safety of Marshall’s campus

Benefits of becoming a V.P.R.E:

  • $200 stipend for completion of the course
  • Micro-credential badge
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Ability to positively impact the lives of survivors

Required Qualifications:

  • Must be registered as a current, full-time student at Marshall University
  • Remain in good standing and maintain good standing with Student Conduct and Title IX
  • A commitment and desire to learn about the needs of students who have been affected by interpersonal violence
  • Task-oriented individuals who can effectively balance the volunteer schedule with classes and other activities

Training & Other Requirements:

  • Completion of the V.P.R.A Peer Advocate training hosted during Spring 2023-Fall 2024
  • Attendance of all in-person training sessions
  • Completion of online modules and quizzes designed to familiarize yourselves with responding to disclosures of interpersonal violence


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