Meet the BIT

The BIT is a collaborative team made up of representatives from the Student Conduct, Dean of Students’ Office, Housing and Residence Life, the Counseling Center, Academic Affairs, Athletics, and the Marshall University Police Department. This team meets bi-weekly during the academic year to discuss students whose behavior has alarmed someone at the University; this information may come from one of the team, from faculty, staff, or students, or from an outside agency.

Co-Chair Lisa Martin
Director, Student Conduct
Phone: 304-696-2495
Co-Chair Mistie Bibbee
Director, Housing and Residence Life
Phone: 304-696-3152
Jim Terry
Chief, University Police
Phone: 978-934-2398
Dr. Candace Layne
Director, Counseling Center
Phone: 304-696-2269
Sarah Davis
Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising
Phone: 304-696-2669
Beatrice Banford
Associate Athletic Director
Phone: 304-696-5225
Cadyn Fraley
Case Manager, Student Conduct
Phone: 304-696-2921