We live in a digital world. Our current bachelor’s degree in Cyber Forensics and Security will help you become a success in this field. Technology has permeated nearly every facet of our personal and professional lives. Never has the threat been greater to our intellectual property, personal information, and critical infrastructure. Technology is being used to facilitate criminal activities and terrorist operations that span the globe. Billions of dollars in intellectual property is being stolen at an alarming rate. “Traditional” crimes such as murder, robbery, and burglary are also leaving digital evidence across a wide spectrum of technology. This technology includes mobile devices, networks, the Internet, and cloud computing platforms.

Compounding the problem is a dire shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. The criticality of this shortage in professional also raises another concern on cybersecurity education itself. Employers are expressing significant concern that recent graduates seriously lack hands-on, practical skills as well as the ability to problem-solve and communicate.

The Marshall University master’s degree in Cyber Forensics and Security (MU CFS) will help fill the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and help attract students to Marshall University and West Virginia. CFS curriculum includes many challenging, hands-on exercises with realistic, real-world problems and opportunities for students to practice and refine their communication skills.

Marshall University stands ready to meet these challenges and help fill the void. The Cyber Forensics and Security undergraduate and graduate programs offer high-quality education in a challenging, active learning environment. Our courses are taught by experienced faculty that put students first.

Educational Options

Program Features and Highlights

  • High demand for graduates
  • Students use professional-grade hardware and software
  • The curriculum delivered in a challenging, active learning, hands-on environment
  • Experienced, published faculty with real-world experience
  • Excellent internship opportunities
  • Multiple student organizations and networking opportunities