Programs and Events

Mark your calendar with all of our upcoming events!

Be The One: Substance Intervention and Campus Safety will be held on May 10th, 2022, in the Shawkey Dining room.

The Event will be held from 1pm to 4pm. This event will be organized and brought to you by the CRC and the Student Wellness

Center. We will have different sessions for the event that will consist of a welcoming, prevention workshop, naloxone training, and more.

This year on May 10th, 2022, will be the first National Phytanyl Awareness Day. The need to educate individuals on prevention and intervention

very important.


Summer 2022 Schedule of Events

description of groups

All-Recovery | Mondays | 5-6pm

SMART Recovery | Tuesdays | 1-2pm

Gro Marshall | Wednesdays | 12-1pm

SMART F&F | Thursdays | 1-2pm




Chat and Create

Come out and chat with us and create something amazing. On Mondays and Thursdays from Noon to 2pm, the CRC will be creating DIY candles, wreaths, canvas art, cranes, rock decorating, and more. Coffee and snacks will be provided. We hope to see you there!

 Naloxone Training

Naloxone is a lifesaving medication that reverses opioid overdoses. Participants will learn:

1. How do opioids cause overdose?
2. What is an overdose and how do we recognize one?
3. What is naloxone and how does it work?

Also, participants will receive a box of the lifesaving medication upon completion of the training.

If you would have group of students, faculty, and community that would like the CRC to train, please email us.

Also, if you personally would like to be trained on how to save a life, then you may email one of the recovery coaches to

set up a good day and time to stop in the office for the training. Please email us.