2021 Summer Institute

Pathways to a Writing Curriculum

Advanced Summer Institute

The Central West Virginia Writing Project and the Literacy Education Program Marshall University hosted an Advanced Summer Institute on Pathways to a Writing Curriculum in July 2021. Teams from elementary school (Greg House, Deanna Racer), middle school (Abby Broome, Allyson Perry) and high school (Katie Redd, Linda Long) participated in a weeklong exploration of how to build a robust writing curriculum, based on WV ELA standards. Dr. Barbara O’Byrne facilitated the sessions. Invited speakers included Ms. Bobbi Lewis, Kanawha County Schools, and Dr. Andrea Lemon, West Virginia Department of Education. The teams have plans to launch writing curriculum building in schools and counties. For more information contact Dr. Barbara O’Byrne bobyrne@marshall.edu 


Sample Calendar Writing Plans

Elementary School Monthly Plan

Elementary School Monthly Plan

Middle School Monthly Plan