Workshop Guidelines for Presenters

FALL 2022 Writing Workshops for Students

Sponsored by Central West Virginia Writing Project

The Central West Virginia Writing Project wishes to support student writing. We are inviting exceptional teachers of writing to prepare and deliver a workshop in their schools or online on Zoom or Teams. Below are the general guidelines for the student workshops for fall 2022. Sessions that engage writers with the craft of writing are always welcome.

We will be supporting ten workshops this year. These will be awarded in the order supporting plans are received and reviewed. Once we have accepted the ten workshop proposals, an announcement will be made in the CWVWP website:

Review the expectations for the workshop and if you are interested in preparing and delivering a workshop or have any questions about the fall writing workshops for students, please contact:

Dr. Susan Malinoski

Workshop Expectations

  • The fall workshops can be delivered from October 10-December 3. The fall writing workshop is at least three 3 hours in length. The workshop can be a single session or broken up into two or three sessions.
  • The workshop sessions can be delivered in person or virtually.
  • If the session is delivered in person, presenters take the responsibility for knowing and following all COVID-related measures to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • If the session is delivered on Teams or Zoom, the presenter has access to relevant digital tools and a reliable Internet connection and must show in the workshop plan how students will be engaged throughout the session
  • The facilitators take the responsibility for advertising the workshop to students in local schools. A sample teacher nomination form can be found in the workshop materials section.
  • A parent consent form must be prepared, distributed, and collected for each participant. A sample parent consent form can be found in the workshop materials section.
  • Facilitators take the responsibility for procuring a space for the workshop.
  • There must be a minimum of fifteen committed students for the workshop to move forward. A clear cancellation notice should be part of information to students/parents and a back-up list is advisable.
  • A plan for the workshop must be prepared and submitted at least one week before the workshop date.
  • Artifacts from the workshop in the form of pictures (at least 2) and one sample of student work that highlight the workshop need to be submitted within five days following the workshop.
  • If the workshop is virtual, please include Dr. Susan Malinoski on the list of participants.
  • If the workshop is at a school, please make sure Dr. Susan Malinoski is invited to attend.

Resources to Support the Workshops

  • Mentor texts are a great tool with which to engage writers. We have partnered with West Virginia Books and can provide a mentor text for each participant that can be used in planning and delivering the workshop.
  • A list of the available books is included in the Workshop Materials section. The books will be at the Marshall University, South Charleston Campus for pick up and distribution to participants. We will not be able to mail out books to any facilitators or participants.
  • We can provide supplies such as markers, chart paper to any presenter. These materials will be available for pick up at Marshall University, South Charleston Campus.

Process for Selecting Workshops

  • Potential presenters should contact Dr. Susan Malinoski and submit their plans for a workshop.
  • Workshops will be considered viable when at least fifteen participants have been identified, a workshop plan has been accepted, and a process for securing parent permission forms is in place.
  • The sooner the workshop is confirmed viable, the more likely it is to be among the ten sponsored by this initiative.

Stipends for the Workshops

  • All approved workshops will be notified by email.
  • Payment is $300.00 for an individual presenter; $150.00 for co-presenters.
  • Payment will not be processed until after the workshop has been delivered and artifacts from the workshop sent to Dr. Malinoski.
  • Marshall University/CWVWP will need paperwork from anyone not in our system to process payment. (W-9, addresses)


Workshop Materials

Books available to Support Writing Workshops 2022

Exemplar of Teacher Nomination Form

Exemplar of Parent Permission Letter