Mission of the Graduate College

Graduate College Mission

The graduate mission of Marshall University is to provide quality educational opportunities at times and places convenient to students, employing alternative delivery systems and rich learning resources. The institution promotes excellence in instruction, research and public service in the interest of enhancing the intellectual, professional, and personal growth of students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the state Marshall University offers master’s degrees, post-master’s programs, doctoral degrees and professional development options according to needs and with a minimum of duplication.

In support of its graduate mission, Marshall University values

  • excellence in teaching and advising;
  • support services for students;
  • the expansion of knowledge through research and inquiry;
  • an interactive and collaborative relationship with the community
  • open access to quality educational opportunities;
  • lifelong learning;
  • cultural diversity;
  • the continuous review of our programs and administrative processes;
  • innovation and efficiency in the use of resources; and
  • personal and institutional accountability.

To fulfill its graduate mission, Marshall University supports the commitment of institutional resources to ensure

  • quality in existing graduate programs;
  • adequate library resources for meeting accreditation requirements, electronic library needs and program initiatives;
  • access to graduate programs within the state, region and nation;
  • promotion of technological delivery of courses and programs;
  • development of new graduate programs at the master’s, post-master’s, and doctoral levels according to need;
  • recruitment and retention of a strong and diverse graduate faculty;
  • recruitment and retention of a strong and diverse graduate student population; and
  • development of student life initiatives appropriate for graduate students.