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“The Owl House” is an animated series on Disney XD and Disney plus. This show follows Luz Noceda, the main character, as she explores the magical realm of The Boiling Isles and trains to become a witch. She discovers her loves for magic and even self love in which she begins to accept herself for her true identity. This is one of the first animated series’ on Disney to star an openly bisexual protagonist, and is also the first to ever feature a non-binary character voiced by a non-binary actor. This show is safe and friendly for all communities. Viewers may be aware that there are graphic depictions of magical duels.
“SHE-RA and the Princesses of Power” is a Netflix reboot of the original 90’s “She-Ra” animated series. In this reboot, Adora, the main protagonist, discovers secrets of those she thought were her family, and finds herself questioning everything she ever learned. On her journey to discovering her true self, she learns she has a destiny unlike any other. The plot follows her on her journey to self acceptance as she finds true friendship and fights the darkness of the universe. This show features a Lesbian protagonist and multiple other LGBTQ+ characters, including four confirmed lesbians, a non-binary individual, and multiple gender non-confirming characters. Viewers may be aware that there are fight scenes and themes of mental illness.
“Craig of the Creek” is a Cartoon Network Original series that follows Craig Williams and his best friends, J.P and Kelsey, in their adventures and explorations of their local creek. It may seem unconventional, but this isn’t an ordinary creek. Thanks to their imaginations and the community of friends around them, it’s a magical land of creativity and ninjas. This show features several Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Agender individuals.
This show follows Clarence Wendle, a positive minded, kind hearted, and optimistic 10-year-old boy, through his daily adventures where he explores new places and ideas with his best friends Jeff and Sumo. This show features a Lesbian couple, and a Gay couple.
“Steven Universe” is a coming of age story that follows the life journey of a young boy named Steven who lives with the Crystal Gems, a group of magical humanoids who serve to protect the earth. He discovers much about the universe and learns how to live life as a normal boy, as well as a part of his magical family. This show features characters who identify as Trans, Non-binary, Intersex, Pansexual, Lesbian, and Gay.
This show follows Finn the Human and Jake the Dog on their magical adventures around The Land of Ooo. They travel around to different villages and kingdoms in hopes to find new friends and new adventure. Fin and Jake learn important life lessons and along the way learn new aspects of their personality. In the later season “Distant Lands” there is a confirmed Lesbian couple. Viewers may be aware that there are some fight scenes and themes of mental illness.
“The Amazing World Of Gumball” follows Gumball and his best friend Darwin around their hometown of Elmore. Elmore is a funky town full of creative characters with a variety of kind and friendly personalities. While Gumball and Darwin get into a lot of trouble on their adventures, they always learn to make up for their mistakes and take responsibility. This show includes one confirmed Gay character and Gumball himself is suspected to be Pansexual or Bisexual, according to a tweet made by the creator of the show.
“Gravity Falls” is a Disney Channel cartoon that follows twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, on their summer adventures in Gravity Falls, Oregon. While they came to visit their Great Uncle for the summer, they soon come to find that the town of Gravity Falls is full of mysteries and anomalies that are unexplained by natural occurrences. Following their curiosity, they discover that this town has more mysteries than they could have every imagined! This show features a gay couple who appear often as the Deputy and Sheriff of Gravity Falls. Viewers may be aware that there are some fight scenes and themes of mental illness.
“Amphibia” is a cartoon shown on Disney XD. This show follows Anne Boonchuy as she works to find her way back home from Amphibia, a Frog dimension she was zapped into unexpectedly by a magic music box. Luckily she finds a kind frog family, the Plantars, who take her in and help her along the way. Through her adventure she learns important life lessons and makes friends with the people of Amphibia. While there are currently no canon LGBTQ+ characters on this show, we still consider it LGBTQ+ friendly because it is inclusive in language and does not advertise harmful ideologies. Viewers may be aware that there are some fight scenes and themes of mental illness.
“Final Space” is an animated series presented on Adult Swim. This show follows Gary the astronaut and his sidekick Mooncakes as they travel through space and time to find out if the universe has an end. They find new people, different planets, and enemies along their way but persist in order to find the answers everyone is waiting for. This show reportedly has several LGBTQ+ characters that identify as Gay, Bisexual, and Genderfluid. Viewers may be aware that this show has graphic language and violence that may be triggering to some.
“Arcane” is a series based on the Riot game “League of Legends” which is presented on Netflix. This show animates the colorful and dramatic backstories of a handful of the games most popular characters. The show mainly focuses on characters Jinx, Vi, Silco and Singed while also having sideline stories that branch off on characters Jayce, Victor, and Hiemerdinger. This story follows the dramatic revolution of Zaun and Piltover. This show depicts several LGBTQ+ characters; their specific labels have not been canonically released yet. Warning: This show contains graphic scenes of violence, speech, and traumatic experiences that may trigger some viewers.

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