Programs and Clubs

The Marshall University Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Office is here to serve the needs of the Marshall University community.
We provide programs for both the classroom and campus environments.

Programs and Services

Safe Space Training 

The LGBTQ+ Office offers safe space trainings for those who want to be allies and create safe, welcoming spaces for the LGBTQ+ members of their communities. This training is an interactive presentation given by the office Director Shaunte Polk as well as the LGBTQ+ Office Graduate Assistant. Once the training is complete, attendees will receive their “Safe Space” rainbow sticker that they may put in their office, class room, dorm room, or any other space that they want to advertise as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to come and express their true identities.

Office Presentations

The LGBTQ+ Office offers presentations to classrooms, organizations, clubs and more. A member of the LGBTQ+ work staff will come to classes etc. in order to spread awareness of the resources offered by the LGBTQ+ Office and the International & Intercultural Offices.

Coming Out Resources

If you are planning to come out to your friends and/or family, you are invited to stop by our office in East Hall Room 211. We also offer referrals to professional counselors through the Marshall University Counseling Center located on the first floor of Prichard Hall.

The LGBT Lending Library

Our library offers a wide variety of books, magazines, and films for your use on a number of topics relating to LGBT community. These topics include HIV/AID, sub-cultural concerns, self help, coming out stories, biographies, poetry, essay collections, and LGBT fiction. Our magazine selection varies from year to year but includes current and back issues of The Advocate, Curve, Girlfriends, A&U, & OUT Magazine.

The World Boutique/ Trans Closet

The World Boutique/ Trans Closet is a resource for students who are in need of clothing, shoes, hygiene products and other amenities. All items are free for all students. We take donations year round and update the closet often with new donations and seasonal needs such as jackets for the winter. The trans closet can be found by visiting the LGBTQ+ office, where a desk worker will unlock the space for you to shop around in. There is also a dressing room which locks, so students have a safe space to try on clothing. To donate to the closet, please contact one of our team members.

Free Binder Program

The LGBTQ+ office has a free binder program in which students who need chest binders can come to the office and get a binder of their size. Thanks to the Director of the International and Intercultural Affairs Offices, we have a selection of GC2B Half and Full size chest binders that range from sizes XS-4X. If you wish to get a binder, please visit the LGBTQ+ Office and a team member will get a binder of your size for you to try on in our dressing room. If the binder does not fit, you can try on more sizes until you find a comfortable one. These chest binders are free of charge for all Marshall Students.

Clubs & Organizations

The Village Project

The Village Project is an LGBTQ+ volunteer group and club who come together to create and work community service projects to help the community on campus and in Huntington. They have events for club members as well as community service projects. Its an open and welcome space for people of all identities to get involved in the community of Huntington and the Marshall University Community. The Village Project meets every Monday at 6:00pm in the LGBTQ+ Office located in East Hall Room 211 (As of Spring 2023).  To learn more about this organization, you can check them out on Herdlink under “Marshall Village Project” –>

A-Slaying Grace – UKIRK

A-Slaying Grace is an LGBTQ+ inclusive bible study group who come together to worship. A-SLAY-ing Grace is a group ran by UKIRK, Marshall’s all inclusive Christian Group. This group is focused on inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance within the Christian Community . They hold events, fundraisers, and normal meetings. The sessions are directed by Reverend Chris Bailey. The group  meets every other Monday night at 7:00pm in the LGBTQ+ Office located in East Hall Room 211 – starting January 23, 2023 (Updated Spring 2023). For more information regarding UKIRK and A-SLAY-ing Grace, you can visit Herdlink –>

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay-Straight Alliance is an inclusive organization for LGBTQ+ students and allies. The organization seeks to increase diversity, improve the social climate on campus, and provide students the opportunity to find a safe community. As an organization, we like to get involved with the local community and on-campus organizations to create diverse and inclusive life opportunities for Marshall students. Learn more and join on Herdlink –>

Contact Us

LGBTQ+ Office
East Hall Room 211
Marshall University
1 John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Telephone: 304-696-6623 Facsimile: 304-696-4647

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