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Library PDF Updates 6.2024

The above link will open the PDF file of the current up to date selection of books found in the LGBTQ+ Office Lending Library.


The LGBTQ+ Office employees have worked hard to sort each novel, label each with a respective genre, description of the books content, the copyright date and possible relevant content warnings.



If you wish to check a book out, please visit the office in person, retrieve your book, and fill out the necessary information in the “LGBTQ+ Office Lending Library Log Book” binder. There is a 60 day (2 months) return/ renew policy for both books and movies that are borrowed from the LGBTQ+ Office Library. This means that the book you borrowed must be returned to the office space, and signed back into the log book within the 60 day period, or you must contact the office via the email or visit in person with the book to let us know you would like to renew the book. You can only renew the book for another 60 days and you can only renew the book once. If the book is not returned or renewed within the 60 day period, you will be contacted by an office staff member at the email you provide in the log book. If the book is not returned or is returned damaged beyond repair, you may be subject to consequences deemed reasonable by the Office Director.

The library excel list will be updated regularly, as we get donations year-round. If you would like to donate books to the LGBTQ+ Library, you can drop them off at our office located in East Hall Room 211 Monday-Friday any time between 8:30am – 5:00pm.


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