Quick Guide

The Decision Path




>$25,000  but < $50,000 Requisition Solicit 3 quotations, Successful quotation must be signed, reference the Requisition# on all documents
> $  50,000

> $100,000 for Construction

Formal Legal AdvertisementRequisition Send specifications and  suggested bidders to your assigned Purchasing Agent
Sole Source  – No Competition Sole Source JustificationRequisition Send justification form to Purchasing indicating why the specific item must be purchased and why there is only one single source supplier along with supplier verification

The Process

Additional Notes Banner Entry Table
Requisition Entry Enter description of item(s) to be purchased in this sequence:
~ catalog number
~ manufacturer
~ description
enter shipping charges as a separate line item EXCEPT on equipment purchases
Do not use Document Text; Use the Item Text field for each line item when additional space is needed (use arrow down key)To provide special instructions regarding the entire order, enter as Item Text under the last item FPAREQN
Equipment Equipment has a useful life greater than one year and a Unit price greater than $5,000 Uncheck Document Level Accounting in Banner if using mixed accounting lines FPAREQN
Encumbrance Must qualify as an essential service. See Essential Services List FGAENCB
Vendor Locate the vendor If not there, Follow guidelines issued by Accounts Payable; Questions? Call x-66520 FTIIDEN

Special Instructions
Alcohol Authorizations/Form required
Construction/Repairs/Alterations Authorizations/Form required Facilities Planning and Management Form: Construction less than $25,000
Hospitality Authorizations/Form required  MUB0G 3.0
Printing Copier Purchasing Policy 4.1.05  Printing Services 
Radiation Authorizations/Form required
Renovations/Repair Local Authorizations/Form required  Physical Plant
Vehicle PurchasesAll purchase requests for vehicles must be routed through the Marshall University Office of Public Safety to obtain approval by the Fleet Management Office, as required by state code Authorizations/Form required Fleet Management Forms  Public Safety
Statewide Contract for Motor Vehicles
Services by Individuals or Sole Proprietor Authorizations/Form required MUBOG48HR
Services by Corporation / Company Authorizations/Form required MUBOG48