Research Assets

A significant number of new high-tech businesses grow out of research universities and subsequently locate nearby.  Marshall University’s primary opportunities for regional technology-based economic development reside in the university’s regional partners and the following research assets:


State-of-the-art facilities — Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center, Arthur Weisberg Family Engineering Laboratories, Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and Forensic Science Center

Advanced technologies — imaging, genomics, computing, animal care, and flow cytometry

A central platform for academic-corporate biotechnology research partnerships – Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research

Major basic and applied DNA-based research in medical (cardiovascular, cancer and infectious diseases), environmental (water quality) and forensic (human and microbial)

Regional medical center and a unique patient population for clinical trials

Transportation-related research — Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute with GIS mapping, GPS and intermodal transportation research

Business analysis — Center for Business and Economic Research

Local angel investors and venture capital

Technologies available for licensing

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Commercialization and Technology Transfer

Health Care Resources

Transportation Logistics and Environmental Resources

Economic Development Resources

Research Infrastructure

Biotechnology Resources