Wellness Navigators

Wellness Navigators make it possible for the Wellness Center to serve students where they are- in residence halls, classrooms, social events, and beyond.  They are a critical extension of the program, available as a resource for students in need, encouraging and promoting health and wellness on campus, and identifying health trends, issues, and solutions.

Anyone can be trained to become a Navigator!





What you’ll learn

  • Fulfill the role of a Wellness Navigator and know your responsibilities on campus
  • Perform basic motivational interviewing strategies
  • Make referrals and warm handoffs to campus resources
  • Communicate the mission of and programs provided by the Marshall Wellness Center
  • List the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • Use active listening skills in interpersonal interactions
  • Recognize signs of trauma and use trauma-informed practices when acting as a Navigator
  • Appreciate the importance cultural humility on an interpersonal and community level
  • Understand the importance of boundaries and self-care when serving in this role

Benefits of becoming a Navigator

  • Deeper Peer, professional, and cross-campus relationships
  • Skills for effective collaboration, communication, and compromise
  • Providing a service to the Marshall community
  • Developing programming and marketing skills and strategies
  • Experience planning and facilitating events
  • Being part of a diverse group of motivated people
  • Having a direct impact on the campus community and its overall wellness
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from skilled and knowledgeable individuals from the local, state, national and international community