Mentoring Flyer5

Welcome Incoming Freshman to the Marshall College of Business!

What is the Student-Faculty Mentor Program? The Student-Faculty program was developed to service all incoming College of Business students. We do not see many of you in our classes until Sophmore or Junior year. We would like to get to know you earlier so that we can help make sure you are on the right track to success in school and beyond!

Who are We? Faculty mentors are College of Business faculty members who are interested in helping you succeed! Mentors come from each division of the College and have the answers to many of your questions about studying, careers, internships, and will help you become the best professional you can be!

How Does it Work? To be involved all you have to do is come to the events listed below. You are not assigned a faculty mentor, but will have a chance through these events to get to know us and make some connections. You can also get to know other College of Business students who may be taking similar classes. All the events involve food and some fun activities with prizes. There will even be a grand prize at the end of the semester, and your chances of winning are better the more events you attend. Outside of the events, you are encouraged to contact any of us if you have questions, or need any advice/help (see list of the faculty-mentors below).


Haiyan Chen Dean
Amanda Thompson-Abbot Accountancy and Legal Environment
Nancy Lankton Accountancy and Legal Environment
Bob Simpson Accountancy and Legal Environment
Jean Price Accountancy and Legal Environment
Keri Lucas Accountancy and Legal Environment
Susan Lanham Accountancy and Legal Environment
Ivan Muslin Management, Marketing, MIS
Liz Alexander Management, Marketing, MIS
Alissa Dodds Management, Marketing, MIS
Kent Willis Management, Marketing, MIS
Becky Tomasik Economics, Finance
Rishav Bista Economics, Finance
Mohammad Karim Economics, Finance
Lisa Williamson Advising
Sarbrina Williamson Advising
Lacie Bittinger Advising