COVID-19 & Continuity of Instruction

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, President Gilbert announced alterations to the University Calendar as a response to the coronavirus outbreak. This web page will allow faculty and academic staff to ask questions and stay up to date with regard to all instructional activity on any of the institution’s campuses. Please be advised that the calendar below may change as conditions change.

Instructional Resources for Faculty

For information and resources to help you prepare to facilitate your course at a distance, visit:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please submit new questions about continuity of instruction here.

What can a prof who is in a high-risk category do to decrease danger of contracting the virus? Frequent hand washing and social distancing do not seem sufficient considering lack of control over the environment.
Has the last day to withdraw from a Spring full semester individual course been changed?
Marshall University will offer instruction through distance delivery. What does this mean?
Is the commencement date/graduation date delayed? If so, it will impact many students on their job starting date, visa extension, etc.

Fall 2020 Calendar

  • August 24: students return to campus for in-person classes
  • September 7: Labor Day holiday. No classes
  • November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break. University closed Nov 26-27
  • November 30-December 4: classes resume with one week of online/distance instruction
  • December 5-December 11: online final exams
  • December 12: Winter Commencement at the Mountain Health Arena

Spring 2021 Calendar

  • January 19: spring term start with in-person classes
  • March 19: Classes dismissed-Spring holiday. First four days of Spring Break are cancelled and
    those dates are used to make up for the delayed start to the semester and to reduce high-risk travel/vacation
  • April 23: spring semester ends face-to-face classes
  • April 24-30: final exams
  • May 1: Spring Commencement at the Mountain Health Arena