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New: Archiving Courses

Courses with student enrollments are archived after 2 years. It is now time to make sure you have a Development shell with your course materials for any course older than 2018. Courses through the beginning of 2017 academic year have been archived. View our Course Archiving page for full information. 

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Distance Education support is not only for faculty who teach full ecourses; distance education support is for ALL faculty. You can ask instructional designers real-time questions in the General Posts, get access to training information from OLL and vendors, view training videos, see instructions for tools in our File sharing tab, and view our topic-specific Channels, such as our Tech Talk Tuesdays channel and our Teams for Class channel on the Distance Education Support Community Team. If you have questions about where to start, how to access Blackboard, add your Syllabus and course content, link to virtual classrooms, we can help you! Blackboard is for every course, not just “distance education” courses.

Resources for Virtual Learning

Using Teams to Deliver Virtual Class
Using Collaborate to Deliver Virtual Class
Using Zoom to Deliver Virtual Class
Where can I, or my students, go for internet and computer help?
What are my virtual teaching options from a classroom on campus?
How do I address copyright concerns with my course content?
What software is available for faculty to use?
What are my proctoring choices?
How can students get Blackboard help?
Quality Matters Training for Faculty
Information Technology Access to Software, Tools, and Help
Who should I contact for help?

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