Online Ready

Need to go online fast? Hi, it’s us, Online Learning.

We have the tools, resources, and experience you need to help make the transition from face-to-face to distance options easier than expected. Let’s get started talking about those resources now:

Quick Guides for Tools

Blackboard Help for Students

All information regarding help for students can be found on the Student Resources page for Blackboard on our web. The Student Resources page provides information about how to get started with Blackboard, how to login, how to access help tools, how to navigate inside courses, and contact information should issues arise.

Blackboard Quick Start LibGuide for Faculty Delivering Courses Remotely: Resources for Online Teaching

Maybe you’re familiar with LibGuides that our Librarians have created and used to help faculty and students navigate our array of Library services? Online Learning has utilized LibGuides as a way to keep you up-to-date on the most recent University communication surrounding schedule changes, as well as information about our Online Readiness Boot Camp.

NEW: Chat online with a designer by typing a question in the “Chat with a Designer” box on the LibGuide page

Virtual Sessions

All face-to-face sessions and walk-ins have ceased, but we are continuing with virtual sessions. As we work to update our resources and guides, we currently have two scheduled daily sessions and will update you with more session dates and times after we have caught up on written documentation:

  • Weekdays at 11:00 AM, Designer Office Hours, fielding questions from colleagues
  • Weekdays at 1:00 PM, Collaborate 30 Min. Overview with suggestions for recording lectures using other tools, and time at the end of the session for questions. The chat is moderator by a designer who can also share resources and answer your questions in real-time in the chat tool.

NEW: Friday, March 27th’s live session is cancelled because Marshall employees are off after 12:00 PM. We will resume on Monday, March 30. In the meantime, please review a previously recorded live session: Blackboard Collaborate overview – recording

All guest access to Virtual Sessions will be held via Blackboard Collaborate:

You MUST be using Chrome browser if you want to share your screen or an application, otherwise Firefox is also okay. The Collaborate link provided is the course room for Blackboard Quick Start. See self-enroll instructions below for more information. Once you are enrolled in the Bb Quick Start course in organizations, you can also access Collaborate via the Collaborate link on the course menu.

MU Virtual Trainings from our Partners at Cengage (uses Zoom):

Quality Matters Training

Upcoming Quality Matters online course for Applying the Rubric will be held April 14 – 28. You must register in advance – click to register.

Resources in Blackboard

There are resources for getting started already in Blackboard modules. When you login to Blackboard, on the My Institution page, you will see a Blackboard Quick Start module that references links to Collaborate Virtual Classroom, as well as links to instructions for adding content and graded activities. You can click on the Faculty or Students tab on the top ribbon of Blackboard to find modules that are more specifically catered to whatever user type you may be!

Blackboard Quick Start Course for Faculty in Organizations

Designers are working diligently to get a Blackboard Quick Start course completed so that faculty members will have a resource that will walk you through our shortened online course development process. We understand that you may be nervous about using technology, and there are tech equity issues that are applicable to many of our students who come from various backgrounds, but we are available to answer questions that you have via email or through any of our office hour times or Online Readiness Bootcamp programs.

Instructions for self-enrolling in the Blackboard Quick Start Course in organizations:

  1. Login to Blackboard and click the Organizations link on the top ribbon of links.
  2. In the Organization Search module, type Blackboard Quick Start and click Go.
  3. Blackboard Quick Start course will appear in your search options. To the right of the organization I.D., there is a down arrow (or chevron). Click the arrow down to expand the options and click on Enroll.
  4. You are now enrolled in the Blackboard Quick Start course and should see this under your list of My Organizations, located on the My Institution page under My Courses. The course will be listed in the My Organizations module.

Test Integrity & Proctoring Options

NEW: Examity has reached capacity and is no longer accepting new appointments for exams. At this time, please plan to deploy your exams without proctoring solutions. 

Due to worldwide use of proctoring tools, our partner products have reached capacity and can no longer accept requests for new exams. If you have already had students using Respondus Monitor, it will take more time than usual for the company to review and flag videos. As you are building new content for your courses, please do not deploy proctoring solutions at this time.

Information Technology Access to Tools and Help for You and Your Students

Information Technology’s Teaching Options site explains teaching options for sharing information with your students. In some cases, you and your students may need VPN access to access tools that are available on Marshall computers, but are not readily available on personal computers. Please remind students that all correspondence regarding course work and grades must be done using their Marshall email accounts, not their personal accounts, such as Gmail. The same goes for instructors; you must use your Marshall email when it comes to matters regarding coursework and students.

NEW: Webcams may be available to check-out at the Drinko Circulation Desk (3 hour time limit) and at the IT Service Desk (also in Drinko). We have ordered more and they will arrive in 7-10 days (from March 16, and pending availability).

Additional software, downloads, and VPN are not needed for access to Blackboard.

Information on MATLAB

Online Resources to Help Students Learn and Use MATLAB:

  • MATLAB Online: No Downloads or Installations. Students can use MATLAB from their web browser as a quick and easy way to get started.
  • MATLAB Onramps: Online courses help students learn MATLAB basics, MATLAB Onramp and Deep Learning Onramp.

Resources for Faculty to Integrate MATLAB in Online Classrooms:

  • Interactive Notebooks – Live Editor: Live Editor allows you to accelerate exploratory programming, create an interactive narrative, and teach with live scripts.
  • Automatically Grade MATLAB Code – MATLAB Grader: Create interactive MATLAB course problems for students. Automatically grade student work and provide feedback. Run your problems in any learning environment.

**All of these can be accessed via your Marshall University MATLAB Portal:

For questions regarding the use of any of these IT-related items, contact the IT Service Desk.