Computer & Browser Requirements

Computer Specifications

Marshall University’s learning management system is powered by Blackboard Learn 9.1. If your computer does not have an appropriate operating system, Blackboard Learn may run slowly or may not run at all. Prior to using Blackboard Learn on your computer, compare your current system configuration with the list of Tested Devices and Operating Systems found on the Blackboard Browser Support page. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome before you try Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on Windows systems, and Safari or Chrome on Mac systems.

Before purchasing a new computer, please visit the IT Recommended Hardware page for recommendations for both Windows and Mac systems.

Web Browsers

To determine which web browsers to use with Blackboard Learn, see Blackboard Help: Supported Browsers. Choose a recommended browser which Blackboard has certified for compatibility. In addition, you should have at least two approved browsers installed on your computer to accommodate ongoing browser version changes. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome before you use Internet Explorer.

You may also run the Blackboard Browser Checker to check the compatibility of your browsers.

To learn more, see Blackboard’s Browser Support Policy.

Necessary Software Plugins

In order to run certain features correctly on Blackboard Learn, you may need to install the following plugins on your computer:

To learn more about browsers, browser plugins, and other supporting software, see Blackboard’s Browser Support Policy.


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