Future Students

Program Costs

Marshall University Tuition and Fees (Click Here)

Once accepted into and while matriculating through the PMSAT program, students will incur the following costs:

*Diagnostic kit (BP cuff, stethoscope, scissors, penlight, & tape measure)

*Clothing items (2 polos, 1 hoody, 2 t-shirts, and 1 long sleeve t-shirt)      

* = above items will be purchased through a one-time $200.00 and will need to be paid prior to beginning the program.

NATA student membership                   $58.00 new/$78.00 renewal           Annual for 2 years

E-Value access fee                                                           $100.00                      Annual for 2 years

Transportation to assigned clinical sites/preceptors             Cost varies each rotation/semester

Khaki long pants, khaki shorts, etc.                                           Cost varies

Drug Test/Federal Background Check                         $74.00 (if purchased through Program)

BOC Examination Registration                                      $300.00

Graduation fee(s)                                                             $50.00 (for each applicable graduation)

Graduate College application                                        $40.00

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