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MU Banner 9 Production (BANPROD) MU Banner 9 production environment (All supported browsers)
MU Banner Custom Forms MU Banner custom forms
MU Banner Pre-Production (BANSTAGE) MU Banner testing environment (Last Refresh 3-09-23) 
MU Banner Auxiliary (BANAUX2) MU Banner supplemental testing environment (Last Refresh 2-28-24)
MUFI Banner 9 Production (MUFIPROD) MUFI Banner 9 production environment
MUFI Banner 8 Production (MUFIPROD) MUFI Banner 8 production environment
MUFI Banner 9 Pre-Production (MUFIPPROD) MUFI Banner 9 testing environment
MUFI Banner 8 Pre-Production (MUFIPPROD) MUFI Banner 8 testing environment

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