Request Forms

Banner Account

For authorization to access Banner, you must complete the MUINFO Account Request Form and the appropriate Banner User Profile Form(s) below.  The User Profile Form identifies those forms and processes in Banner for which you need access to perform your job functions.  You only need to complete the MUINFO Account Request form once.  You may, however, submit multiple Banner User Profile Forms at any time once you have completed the MUINFO Account Request Form.

Banner Privileges Reference Guide (.doc)



(requires your Supervisor’s, Dean’s, Department Head’s, or Vice-President’s signature)

Banner Finance Information Privilege Request Form (Dynamic Forms link)

Instructions (pdf)

  • Finance Information System privileges
  • Electronic Approvals privileges
  • For Requisition and Encumbrance Document entry
  • For inquiry on budget and accounting information

Banner Human Resource Information Privilege Request Form

  • Human Resource Information System privileges

Banner Student Information System User Profile Form (not yet developed)

  • Student Information System privileges
  • Have your Supervisor email requesting access to Banner forms you need and the type of access (query/view only/update.)


Banner Finance Training – Link to the Office of Purchasing’s training page.  Here you will find formal and informal learning and training opportunities for University employees on How to locate a vendor in Banner, Encumbrances, and Requisition Entry.

Resolving Multiple PIDM/ID’s Worksheet (.doc) – Review the Procedures for the Resolution of Multiple ID/PIDM Problems (.doc) and then enter the information on the Resolving Multiple PIDM’s Worksheet and send the form to the next department affected.  The last department to complete the form must forward to Computing Services.

Social Security Access Request Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – For authorization to access Banner SSN’s, you must complete this SSN departmental request form.  This form requires the approval of a Supervisor or Vice President as most users on campus will not require this level of access.

Account Termination/Departmental Transfer Request Form – form to terminate an employee’s account if an employee has resigned or has transferred to another University department.

General Person Entry Completion Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – form to request privileges to enter General Person records in Banner

Report Request

Adhoc Report Request – request form to have existing reports produced, modifications made to existing reports, or new reports written

Banner Software Modification Request

Baseline/Banner Software Modification Request requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – request for modification to the baseline Banner product

Request for Development of New MU Banner Software (.doc) – request for software to be developed by Marshall University in support of Banner

MU Banner Software Modification Request requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – request for modifications to software written by Marshall University in support of Banner

Change Assessment/Request Form (.doc) – request form for any network, hardware, or software changes that might affect the Banner INB and SSB applications (Complete form and submit to the BOC for review.)