Banner Users’ Groups

The Mission of the Banner Oversight Committee (BOC) is to oversee the ongoing operation of the Marshall University Banner Information System and to assure optimum use of and benefit from the system for all users: faculty, staff, administration, students, alumni and the public. We do this by encouraging and facilitating open and effective communication between the various Banner Users Groups.

The BOC will hold meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1:30 p.m. in Drinko 426. Brent Maynard is the chairperson of the BOC.

Responsibility includes information for and procedures relating to any product implemented that interfaces with the Banner database. The University Information Technology Committee has oversight responsibilities for the Banner Oversight Committee. The Banner Oversight Committee has oversight responsibility for the various Banner User Groups.

There are multiple Banner User Groups on campus that adhere to the same set of policies and procedures approved by the University Information Technology Committee (UITC). The groups are:

The Banner Oversight Committee will review each policy and procedure recommendation made by a Banner User Group. If a policy or procedure is approved by this committee, it will then be sent to the UITC for approval.

The BOC will consist of one voting representative and up to two non-voting representatives from each of the BUGs. The BOC will not exceed 15 members. Vice-Presidents may attend the meeting to discuss issues and to facilitate the decision-making process.

  • Each Member of the BOC will review the minutes of each Banner User Group meeting and bring any pertinent items to the BOC’s agenda for discussion.
  • All BOC members must be elected by the BUG they are representing.
  • All voting BOC members must serve on a BUG at the time of their BOC membership.
  • A voting BOC member may not represent more than one BUG even though they may be members of multiple BUGs.
  • A voting BOC member must vote in the affirmative for a policy or procedure that was passed by the BUG that he/she represents. However, the voting BOC member may request that the item be tabled and take the item back to the BUG if he/she feels that the policy or procedure needs refinement.
  • Each BUG chairman may request the addition of items to the BOC’s agenda with the approval of the BUG they chair .
  • Term appointments for BOC members are 2 years with renewable 2-year appointments.

The chairperson of the BOC will be elected by the BOC members on a yearly basis. The BOC will meet on a monthly basis with an option for called meetings. The BOC may request a new representative from a BUG, but the BUG controls who their representative will be.



Brent Maynard
Computing Services

Jennifer Wood
BUG-R Voting Member

Bruce Felder
Human Resources
BUG-H Voting Member

Erica Thomas
BUG-H Non-Voting Member

Robert Walker
BUG-S Voting Member

Nadine Hamrick
Financial Aid
BUG-S Non-Voting Member

Michael McGuffey
Institutional Research
BUG-S Non-Voting Member

Cheri Musgrave
Financial Aid
BUG-T Voting Member

Heath Harber
Computing Services
BUG-T Non-Voting Member

Mark Robinson
BUG-F Voting Member

Brian Morgan
Academic Affairs
Provost’s Proxy Non-Voting