Our Mission

The Center for Wellness in the Arts (CWA) of Marshall University is a collaborative effort between the College of Health Professions and the College of Arts and Media.  The CWA contributes to the academic and professional development of the students and faculty of both colleges through its three pillars of education, clinical services, and research.


The CWA will:

  • Educate students of the arts so that they might acquire and practice strategies that promote good health and injury prevention.
  • Promote the clinical education of entry level healthcare professionals, by providing clinical educational opportunities for the graduate and undergraduate Athletic Training students.
  • Provide healthcare providers a source to obtain current information concerning the evaluation and treatment of the pain and injuries that affect the artist.
  • Support and strengthen a culture of wellness within the arts and healthcare communities by offering lectures and symposia on relevant topics.

Clinical Services

The CWA will:

  • Identify the healthcare needs of the university arts community.
  • Expand the delivery of healthcare services to the university arts community.
  • Implement the best practices and evidence-based standards for the healthcare of the artist.
  • Provide for the evaluation and treatment of pain and injury related to the arts.
  • Provide regularly scheduled clinic time.
  • Provide healthcare coverage for College of Arts and Media events.
  • Refer patients to qualified healthcare professionals for the treatment of pain or injury which falls outside of the scope of the CWA clinic.


The CWA will:

  • Expand the clinical evidence and basic knowledge in fields of study related to the healthcare of the artist.
  • Provide a venue for the transition of theory-based knowledge to clinical healthcare services.
  • Foster collaboration between faculty members of both colleges by providing support for research activities.
  • Conduct clinical, mechanistic, descriptive, and outcome-based research in order to improve the healthcare of the artist.
  • Promote the dissemination of the results of CWA research activity at regional, national and international conferences, and in peer-reviewed publications.