Marshall’s Center for Wellness in the Arts

The Marshall University Center for Wellness in the Arts is a place where performing artists can be evaluated by licensed athletic trainers, skilled vocal and hearing clinicians, dietitians, exercise physiologists and performance anxiety specialists who have the proper knowledge and equipment to assess various conditions.  The CWA was created with three components: education, treatment and research. Many performing arts students have developed a mentality that a certain amount of pain is a part of the performer’s process. We want to change the culture and educate students so they look at pain as a problem and treat it accordingly so they can enjoy a successful career in the performing arts.

Available Services

  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Agility and Mobility Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Hearing Screening
  • Voice Screening
  • Vocal Warmup Education
  • Hearing Protection Education
  • Gender Affirming Voice Workshops
  • Vocal Hygiene Education
  • Performance Anxiety Workshops

Free Resources

Click the button below to download the free Wrist Injury Prevention resource provided by the CWA.
Download Here

Click the button below to download the free Upper Extremity Strength Program resource provided by the CWA.
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  • Smith Hall Music 119
  • Smith Hall 311
  • Performing Arts Center


Athletic training services such as injury prevention are available in Gullickson Hall room 209.  For more information about services, contact Jenni Johnson, ATC, johnsonjen@marshall.edu.

Speech language pathology services such as voice screenings, hearing screenings, and gender affirming workshops are available in Smith Music Hall 119 and Smith Hall 311. Contact Sarah Clemins at nuckels@marshall.edu for more information about these services.

Performance anxiety workshops are available as needed. Please contact Dr. Liz Pacioles, caseyel@marshall.edu, for more information.

To contact the Center for Wellness in the Arts, email CWA@marshall.edu

Wellness in the Arts Beginnings

Two of Marshall’s most dynamic colleges joined together to provide a unique opportunity for students in the performing arts. Since August 2014, the College of Health Professions and the College of Arts and Media have offered performing and visual arts students the chance to work with various disciplines to prevent injury from occurring during performances. This idea was initiated by two young faculty members and has developed into what is now being called the Marshall University Center for Wellness in the Arts (CWA).