Our Philosophy

The Center for Wellness in the Arts at Marshall University seeks to provide education and training for all artists with special emphasis on the values of collaboration, commitment and community.

  • We believe in working with others to achieve our goals. By sharing knowledge and fostering relationships, we build a stronger, more innovative approach to our craft. Uniting ideas and resources allows the CWA to provide a supportive environment, which empowers those we serve.
  • We believe in dedication and hard work. We know it is our responsibility to provide the best quality care to our clients. We believe in the life-changing benefits our services create.  With continued perseverance, we promise to conduct our practices with professionalism and excellence.
  • We believe in the contribution to society, which defines our existence. With vision and purpose, we vow to improve the lives of those who seek our help. We aspire to raise understanding and support for the wellness in the arts that advances the research and treatment for performing and visual artists across our region.