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International Designation

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Students in International Studies (INTL) courses at Marshall University engage in critical thinking about the complexities of the changing world beyond the borders of the United States.  At Marshall University, International Studies courses enable students to:

  • Identify and evaluate the fundamentals of one or more of the following:  geography, history, economics, sociology, anthropology, religion, health, language, politics, technology, issues and events that shape the current world;
  • Recognize and appraise the major issues, concerns, and problems of a super-national or global scope in the current world (including, but not limited to, environmental concerns, international business, peace and war, underdevelopment, population growth and decline, human rights);
  • Recognize and assess diversity within, and interactions among, current world nations, peoples, and cultures, and how these help shape the current world.

International Course Assessment

Departments develop courses for International Studies (INTL) credit.  Departments maintain oversight of instructors of their INTL courses.  Departments are responsible for assessing INTL student outcomes for their courses as part of Annual Assessment Reports and Five Year Program Reviews.

International Designator Five-Year Recertification

Five years after a course gains the designation as part of the Core Curriculum, departments must resubmit the course to the General Education Council for recertification via the expedited curricular path (department -> GEC -> registrar).   Departments must apply to recertify the course early enough so that the GEC and the registrar will have time process the application before the course list for the next semester is generated.

Approval of Limited-Duration, Special-Topics, and Honors Seminar Courses

Special topics courses, honors seminar classes, and other courses that will have a limited duration (i.e., the course will only be offered one or two times) may apply for INTL designation by submitting application materials directly to the General Education Council following approval at the department and college level.  The same application form should be used for these courses as any other class that is being considered for the INTL attribute. Once approved by the General Education Council, the Registrar will be notified that the course has been approved.

International Course Designation

  • A course may be either International or Multicultural but not both.

Submissions must include…

(1)    A detailed, completed International Course Application
(2)    A detailed sample syllabus which includes

a.       A list of typical assignments and assessments tied to INTL learning outcomes;
b.      A list of typical readings; and
c.       A weekly schedule of activities.