Faculty Research Interests

David Brink-Roby

David Brink-Roby
  • Fluid-rock-deformation interactions within the Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt, Wyoming. Future directions include determining the timing of major deformation events using U-Pb LA-ISPMS dating of calcite veins related to fluid migrations.
  • Analog modeling using sandbox or claybox models of structural evolution in a variety of tectonic settings.
  • Assessing fault and fold-thrust belt evolution using work minimization calculations.
  • Determining structural controls on subsurface coal fires, with a focus on the Centralia mine as a case study, and using this understanding to develop new coal-fire mitigation techniques.
  • Field mapping within the West Virginia Valley and Ridge

Michael Caudill

Mike Caudill
  • Pleistocene Proglacial Lacustrine Processes and Deposits – varve stratigraphy and micro-facies (Lake Tight, Lake Monongahela, ice-dammed lakes in north-flowing Teays Stage stream valleys of Ohio and West Virginia)
  • Weathering Durability of Mudrocks of the Appalachian Plateau – mineralogic controls on Slake Loss Index and implications for slope design in Pennsylvanian and Permian strata of WV
  • Colluvial Stratigraphy of Ancient and Relict Landslides – development and movement history

Aley El-Shazly

Aley El-Shazly
  • Tectonometamorphic evolution of orogenic belts and continental margins.
  • Fluid – rock interaction on the role of fluids in metamorphism and ore genesis.
  • Partial melting in the Earth’s crust and origin of some granitic magmas.
  • Retrieval and assessment of mineral thermodynamic data and petrogenetic grid construction.

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