Faculty Research

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Aley El-Shazly
  • Tectonometamorphic evolution of orogenic belts and continental margins.
  • Fluid – rock interaction on the role of fluids in metamorphism and ore genesis.
  • Partial melting in the Earth’s crust and origin of some granitic magmas.
  • Retrieval and assessment of mineral thermodynamic data and petrogenetic grid construction.

Web: http://www.science.marshall.edu/elshazly/

Ronald Martino
  • Influence of roof rock sedimentary facies on sulfur in metallurgical coal bed, Lower Pennsylvanian of WV Higher sulfur trends in coal were correlated with the local influence of roof facies that allowed sulfate-rich marine waters to percolate into peat after deposition. Mapping of roof facies allowed mine engineers to revise mine plan so as to maintain coal quality. Results were published in 2014 in the International Journal of Coal Geology (v. 136, p. 75-98).
  • Sequence stratigraphy of tropical coastal plain strata of the Mid-Late Pennsylvanian Conemaugh Formation, WV Study involves facies analysis and correlation of regionally developed paleosols formed during sea level lowstands from terrestrial to marine influenced depositional sequences. Research will test idea that "nonmarine" limestones were regionally developed during sea level highstands and associated rise in water table.

Web: http://www.science.marshall.edu/martinor