Available Research Equipment

Sample Preparation & Mineral Separation

Spex Mill

Frantz Isodynamic Separator

Centrifuge and micro-filtration
  • Spex Mill with tungsten carbide and alumina balls for grinding rock samples
  • Rock crushing equipment
  • Rock saws
  • Rock grinding and polishing equipment
  • Sieves; shaker
  • Agate mortars and pestles
  • Frantz Isodynamic separator
  • Heavy liquids & separator funnels
  • Centrifuges
  • Micro-filtration capabilities

Mineral Identification

Nikon 50i POL

Nikon Optiphot

GE 9000 Z80 XRD
  • Four Research grade polarizing microscopes (Nikon Optiphot; Nikon 50i – POL; Meiji MT9900); three with Epi-illuminators for reflected light microscopy
  • Four digital cameras for photomicrography
  • Nineteen petrographic student microscopes
  • Numerous binocular stereo microscopes
  • General Electric X-ray diffractometer (XRD-9000 Z-80/ XRD-6VS)
  • XRF Spectrometer (1960’s model upgraded in 1986)

Chemical Analysis



Agilent 5110 VDV ICP-OES

Varian Spectra AA 600 ZGF-AAS

Hach DR 2800 Spectrophotomoter

Oakton PC 2700 pH meter
  • Scanning electron microscopes
    • JSM-5310LV SEM capable of:
      • Imaging at magnifications up to 200,000 X
      • Qualitative analysis for all elements with atomic number higher than 8
      • Quantitative analysis of spots in solids as small as 2 micrometers
    • JEOL 7200F-LV Field Emission type SEM
      • Ultimax 100 Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
      • Deben Centurion Cathodoluminescence detector
      • Aztec 4.2 software
  • Agilent 5110 VDV Inductively Coupled Atomic Emission Spectroscope (ICP-OES)
    • Useful for analysis of dilute solutions
    • Elements are detected at the level of tens of parts per billion (PPB)
  • Varian Spectra AA 600 Zeeman Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GF-AAS)
    • Useful for the analysis of dilute aqueous solutions
    • Concentrations of cations detected at the part per billion (PPB) level .
  • Hach DR 2800 UV – Vis Spectrophotometer
    • Useful for the analysis of dilute aqueous solutions
    • Concentrations of cations and anions detected at the part per million (PPB) level
  • pH and conductivity meter
  • Digital Titrators
  • Digital pipettes
  • Portable water chemistry kits

Fluids in Minerals

Linkham THMS G600 stage and Olympus microscope
  • Linkam THMS G600 heating – freezing stage for micro-thermometric studies of fluid inclusions in minerals

Soil & Aggregate Grain-Size Analysis

Sieve Shaker & US cleaner
  • Rotap Sieve Shaker and ultrasonic sieve clean
  • Full suite of Gilson Sieves
  • Hydrometers and Graduated Cylinders

Soil Engineering Index Properties

Digital Cone Pentrometer
  • Digital Cone Penetrometer (liquid limit)
  • Six manual Casa Grande devices (liquid limit)

Soil Strength Testing

Digital unconfined compressive strength apparatus
  • Digital Unconfined Compressive Strength apparatus
  • Eight Proctor Compaction Test molds with standard and modified slide hammers

Rock Engineering Durability Analysis

Dual Tank Slake Durability testing
  • Dual Tank Slake Durability Apparatus

Other Capabilities

  • Epic 100 Gigapan camera
  • Several portable GPS instruments
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Transmission Electron microscope
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • 3-D laser surface mapper

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