Geospatial Information Science (GIScience) is a field of inquiry utilizing computer technology for presentation and analysis of all types of natural science and social science data referenced to the earth’s surface. GIScience uses an infinite variety of mapped data, aerial photographs, digital elevation models, satellite imagery, and more to solve problems and answer questions.

Among academic fields, Geography (as an earth science and a social science), Environmental Sciences, Geology, History, Archaeology, Engineering, Planning, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Natural Resources Management, and Demographics are but a sampling of GISciences. In fact, it has been estimated that about 80% of all data has a spatial component, opening limitless potential uses for GIScience.

About our GIScience Programs

Marshall University GIScience offers an interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor or Certificate program. The GIScience program also offers Basic and Advanced Graduate Certificates in Geospatial Information Science.

The GIScience Programs are designed to:
  • offer GIS study in a variety of disciplines with a variety of applications;
  • teach students GIS techniques;
  • encourage students to apply GIS to solve scientific research problems;
  • encourage students to gain experience in the GIS field before graduation by means of internships and work study programs;
  • integrate GIS applications with appropriate computer science training;
  • prepare students for GIS employment or GIS work at the graduate level.


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