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Categories of Admission


A student who desires admission as a degree-seeking graduate student must have an overall undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Individual schools and programs may require higher Grade Point Averages. A degree-seeking student must also meet all criteria for full admission to the program of his/her choice.

Dual Degree

Students who wish to seek admission to more than one degree program at a time (Dual Degree Status), must complete a separate application, pay an additional non-refundable application fee, submit all required credentials, and meet all admission requirements for each academic program to which admission is sought. A student must be admitted to the first program before being considered for admission to a dual degree program. Conditional status is not an admission option for dual degree students. Not all departments may accept a student who is already admitted to another graduate level program. Prior to submitting an Application for Graduate Admission, please check with the academic department(s) of the program(s) in which you are interested. Students who desire a second area of emphasis within their major, should notify the advisor after admission.

Certificate/Professional Development

Students who do not wish to be admitted to a degree program, but who wish to enroll in certificate/licensure programs or other programs that require the completion of specified sequence of courses should apply as certificate or professional development. Generally, requirements for admission as a certificate or professional development student are the same as for admission to degree programs, including at least a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA, however, requirements for admission to these programs can vary. See the appropriate department section of the Graduate Catalog.


Persons who desire graduate level university instruction without becoming graduate degree candidates may be admitted as non-degree students, provided they have had registrars send official transcripts denoting graduation with a bachelor’s degree from an accepted, regionally accredited college or university. Non-degree postmaster’s candidates must have registrars send both the bachelor’s and master’s official transcripts. Before enrolling in a class, non-degree graduate students must obtain permission from the instructor. Students who wish to take courses offered by the Lewis College of Business must secure approval from the MBA program advisor. Non-degree students who do not hold a master’s degree or higher may accumulate a maximum of 15 semester hours of credit. Non-degree students with graduate degrees may enroll in an unrestricted number of graduate courses for which they have completed the prerequisites and received departmental permission. Please note that non-degree students may not be eligible for financial aid or graduate tuition waivers. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at or 1-800-438-5390.

Provisional Enrollment

A student may be admitted as provisional by a degree program after submission of all required application materials when the applicant possesses a baccalaureate degree from an accepted, regionally accredited institution and shows academic promise but does not meet the criteria for full admission. A provisional student must be reclassified as fully admitted no later than the completion of the 12th graduate credit hour. This is accomplished by meeting the conditions established by the academic program and by maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA in courses identified by the program faculty and approved by the appropriate dean.

Conditional Enrollment

In some programs, applicants who are not fully admitted may register for courses with conditional enrollment status in the semester for which they have applied for entry based upon submission of (1) a properly completed Graduate  Application for Admission form, (2) official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all institutions attended, including one which certifies the receipt of a bachelor’s degree from an accepted, regionally accredited institution, (3) an overall undergraduate GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, and (4) the appropriate application fee. Applicants who are permitted to enroll for one semester (‘enrolled’ is defined as registered when a term begins or anytime thereafter) as conditional students (even if they do not attend the classes) are not eligible to register for subsequent terms until they complete all admission requirements and are fully admitted to the requested program. A student cannot be conditionally admitted to multiple programs within one calendar year and cannot be conditionally admitted to the same program, at any time, more than once. Many programs do not accept conditional enrollments and require applicants to be fully admitted before enrolling for courses.


A transient is an applicant enrolled at another accepted, regionally accredited graduate institution who wishes to enroll in Marshall University graduate coursework for not more than 12 semester hours for one semester. A transient student must reapply and submit all required credentials and fees each term. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for more information.

Graduate students who have not been enrolled during the past calendar year should contact their advisor to determine if the plan of study is still within the required time restriction for the program.