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    • MU established an institutional repository (Marshall Digital Scholar: MDS) to provide a venue for faculty to present their research and scholarly publications freely online. MDS has over 250 participating faculty members. We take care of copyright requirements on your behalf by determining which version of your paper may be posted (peer-reviewed manuscript, published). When your scholarly papers appear in MDS, a Google Scholar search will give them a higher relevancy rank and move them higher up on the results pages, which makes them more likely to be discovered, accessed and cited by other scholars. This could enhance your academic standing for tenure and promotion.
    • Furthermore, as Marshall’s research footprint continues to expand, MDS aggregates the scholarly output of the entire university and helps to raise its stature in the eyes of other scholars, grant funding agencies, private donors and corporations. If you would like to join in this effort and reap the benefits, simply fill out the following short form.
    • Sometimes we are unable to secure permission to repost the published version of your articles. In these cases, it will be necessary for us to obtain from you the pre-published, final manuscript submissions that you sent to the publisher. In order to expedite this process, you may upload any or all pre-published articles (your final submission to the publisher).

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  • Please send us your C.V. or a citation list of the publications or presentations or any scholarly items you want posted in Marshall Digital Scholar. You may also upload the pre-published manuscripts of published articles in the event that the pre-published version is the only one permitted by the publisher.

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