Banned Books 2018 – Gutless

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The Florida-wide Celebrate Literacy Week didn’t go as planned at Jay High School when a book was pulled from the school’s reading list created for the event. The YA book Gutless is about a high school player finding courage and standing up to bullies. One of the passages labeled “inappropriate” by some parents describes a girl flaunting her breasts and the narrator’s reaction to it. The author told Santa Rosa Press Gazette, “The main character learns through the course of the novel that developing the moral courage to stand up to evil is essential, far more important than physical courage on an athletic field. The teachers would have used the book to take on the topics of bullying and abuse of power.”


Pulled from the Jay High School’s Celebrate Literacy Week reading list in Santa Rosa (CA). The book features themes of bullying, overcoming failures, family illness, and growing up. Parents objected to a passage that discusses breasts and how boys reacted to them, calling it inappropriate.

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