Banned Books 2018 – Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age

Marshall University does not ban books! The information is provided to let people know what has been banned/challenged elsewhere.


Because of parent complaints, Del Crest (OK) Middle School, part of the Mid-Del School District, temporarily removed the book Stuck in the Middle, a series of illustrated tales by Ariel Schrag , from the library shelves. One parent called it “trash” and complained of vulgarities, sexual references, and drug use in some of the stories. Following district policy, a review committee recommended the book be retained.


Challenged, but retained in three Main towns – Dixfield, Mexico, and Buckfield – middle school libraries despite “objectionable sexual and language references.” The book, however, will be placed in the libraries professional collection, which means a student may take out the book only if parental permission is granted.


Pulled from the school library collections at two Sioux Falls (SD) public middle schools. The book is the work of sixteen cartoonists who recreated true tales from their middle-school years. The book’s major themes are bullying and boy-girl awkwardness. Masturbation and marijuana show up in passing, and several of the vignettes include words most parents wouldn’t want to hear from their children.

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