Banned Books 2018 – The Catcher in the Rye

Marshall University does not ban books! The information is provided to let people know what has been banned/challenged elsewhere.


Curriculum approval was delayed at the Conejo Valley (CA) Unified School District Board in the spring of 2017 for the fall semester because the board president had personal objections to the book because of profanity and sexuality. After a summer of protests and editorials, the board met in August and approved the curriculum with the book included.


Challenged, but retained, in the Martin County (FL) School District despite a parent’s concern about inappropriate language..


Challenged and or banned for offensive language, being sexually explicit and unsuited to age group.


Challenged in the Big Sky high School in Missoula (MT).


Challenged for sexual content, offensive language and being unsuited to age group.


Challenged, but retained as an assigned reading in the Noble High School in North Berwick (ME).


Removed in SC as a “filthy, filthy Book”. Challenged and retained in GA due to profanity.


Challenged repeatedly because of complaints that the book contained sex, violence, and profanity.

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