• Approved by Marshall Faculty Senate
  • Approved by Marshall President Gilbert
  • Marshall University requests faculty members upload their final peer-reviewed research to Marshall Digital Scholar (MDS) as soon as it is accepted for publication, or as soon as it is published. In December of each year, Deans will send an email to remind their faculty to upload the pre-published, peer-reviewed manuscripts of articles accepted for publication, or published during that year. https://libguides.marshall.edu/oapp
  • The outcomes of this policy are greater visibility and recognition of Marshall University’s status as an R-2 research institution, increased discoverability and accessibility of MU’s research output, greater impact factors for faculty research due to increased download counts and citations, greater workflow efficiency in placing articles into MDS, and actualization of the latent potential of our institutional repository.
  • Furthermore, as Marshall’s research footprint continues to expand, MDS aggregates the scholarly output of the entire university and helps to raise its stature in the eyes of other scholars, grant funding agencies, private donors and corporations. If you would like to join in this effort and reap the benefits, simply fill out the following short form.
  • Please upload the final peer-reviewed version of your manuscript. This is sometimes known as the AAM, or Author’s Accepted Manuscript. This is the final manuscript you submitted to the publisher prior to publication. For more information about Marshall’s Open Access Publication Policy, visit https://libguides.marshall.edu/oapp

Participation Request Form – Marshall Digital Scholar

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DISCLAIMER: We are beholden to the publisher for copyright clearance and could experience delays posting your manuscript.

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Please send us your C.V. or a citation list of the publications or presentations or any scholarly items you want posted in Marshall Digital Scholar. You may also upload the pre-published manuscripts of published articles in the event that the pre-published version is the only one permitted by the publisher.
Max. file size: 24 MB.

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