Circulation – Proctoring Policy

The increasing numbers of MUOnLine classes, distance education programs, and Internet courses presents a growing demand for examination proctoring. In effort to serve the student body and to maintain the integrity of the testing environment, MU Libraries has developed the following policy.

  1. The library does not have a formal proctoring service.
  2. Staff will not be available for proctoring services during their normal working schedule because this practice detracts from staff members’ job duties and/or their ability to carefully monitor students’ examination.
  3. Staff members who are willing to proctor examinations on an informal basis can do that on their own time. MU Libraries are not liable for such proctoring activity.
  4. Staff members may refer students and patrons requesting exam proctoring to other appropriate offices including
  • Disabled Student Services
  • External Services (Cabell County Public Library)

Composed by the MU Reference Team, 10/21/05