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National scholarships and fellowships are highly competitive programs that often include research, study abroad opportunities, public service and more.
The process of applying to scholarships can be time-consuming and daunting. Thus, some students may wonder, ‘Why even bother?’ Aside from the obvious benefits of winning a scholarship (financial, professional, emotional, etc.), there are benefits to just going through the process.
Students that actively engage with the application process for nationally competitive scholarships will:
○ Enhance and strengthen their relationships with faculty members
○ Clarify their own personal and professional goals
○ Improve skills in writing that will come in handy for graduate school applications, cover letters, and resumes
○ Learn what separates them as an individual from their peers
○ Gain confidence in themselves from completing a sophisticated application process
Although we are housed in the Honors College, the Office of National Scholarships works with students from across the campus. Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you aren’t an honors student. We are also open to working with faculty and alumni.
We help students compete for nationally-competitive scholarships, including the Fulbright, Rhodes, Boren, and Gates Cambridge. A lot of these scholarships involve study abroad opportunities, so the name can be a bit confusing.
Several of the program applications are tricky to navigate- we’re here to help you stay up-to-date with deadlines and help you perfect your application.
Absolutely not! We are here to assist you in the process and offer feedback to help make your application better. We can be a sounding board to help you sort out your thoughts and find the best programs that suit you and your career goals.
That’s what we’re here to help with! Filling out our intake form helps us get to know you a bit better and understand what your educational and professional interests and goals are. From there, we run with it and help find scholarships that are best suited to you. You’re always welcome to research for yourself and bring your own suggestions.
It’s totally okay! A lot of scholarship programs have a low acceptance rate, but based on your credentials, you could be exceptionally qualified. You are welcome to reapply to several programs. Our office is here to support you in the entire application process and provide guidance in wins and losses.
Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply! We serve all Marshall University students, as well as faculty and alumni. Your success is our success!
Yes! Some programs you can actually combine scholarships, so be sure to check with our office to make it’s possible, or you can always apply for several to have options.

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