Personal Statement Tips

The goal of your personal statement can vary based on the specific scholarship application, so be sure to tailor it to each application, rather than have a blanket personal statement to send to all programs. Often, a personal statement is a great place to explain any resume gaps, financial need, research interests- instances that are hard to convey on a resume and transcript. Be as specific as possible, a personal statement should be personal! Some programs may require a service component post-graduation, so if yours does, think of how you’ll complete that portion of it.

  • Try to not use too many “I” statements
  • Use active verbs and voice
  • Make an appointment with the Writing Center to go over misspellings, grammatical errors and typos. The more eyes on your statement, the better.
  • Be creative! It’s time to let your beautiful mind shine in the creative process.
  • Plan ahead- be aware of scholarship due dates and deadlines. Make sure you have enough time for our office and the Writing Center to review your statement.

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