Staff Directory


Photo of Dr. John Maher

John Maher, Ph.D.
Institutional Official*
Vice President for Research, Marshall University
Executive Director, Marshall University Research Corporation
Phone: 304.696.4748
Fax: 304.697.2770

Photo of Bruce Day

Bruce Day, CIP
Director, Office of Research Integrity
Phone: 304.696.4303
Fax: 304.697.2770


Photo of Trula Stanley

Trula Stanley, CIC
IRB #1 (Medical) Coordinator
Phone: 304.696.7320
Fax: 304.697.2770


Photo of Amy Melton

Amy Melton
Conflict of Interest Coordinator
Phone: 304.696.4365
Fax: 304.697.2770


IRB #2 (Social/Behavioral)
Phone: 304.696.4308
Fax: 304.697.2770

*Investigators may contact the institutional official to bring forward concerns, complaints or suggestions regarding the Human Research Protection Program, including the Institutional Review Board process.