Mission Statement

The mission of the Marshall University Human Research Protection Program is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of human subjects who choose to participate in human subject research.

The program is committed to advancing responsible conduct in research and the ethical treatment of human research subjects, and ensuring that the right of every human being to voluntary, informed consent to research is respected. To achieve this goal, each university Institutional Review Board (IRB) will:

1) Require each IRB member, principal investigator, staff member and student involved in research to complete education in human subject research.

2) Review all research involving human subjects before it is initiated.

3) Adhere to the principles of the Belmont Report and the established criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Office of Research Integrity will serve this mission by:

1) Providing administrative support to all the university’s IRBs.

2) Providing and maintaining an educational program designed to educate everyone involved in human research in the safe and ethical conduct of research that will protect human subjects.