Key Request Form

Facilities & Operations has created a new key request form. The new process will assist in tracking the distribution of keys across campus and requires a signature from the dean/director/manager of the employee requesting keys. Please know each request is for one employee and up to five keys per request.

  • Page 1-is requiring information of the responsible dean, director, or manager who will approve the key request.
  • Page 2-is requesting additional information.  Fields with asterisks is required information.  Click next to continue.
  • Page 3-electronic signature is required.
  • Page 4-Your request has been submitted and waiting for approval.
  • The employee requesting keys will receive a confirmation email and the employee’s dean/director/manager will receive an email to approve the request.
  • The employee will get confirmation the dean/director/manager has completed their portion of the request.
  • Facilities & Operations locksmiths will begin working on the key request and deliver the key(s) once completed.

We appreciate your help with this process.

Please click here for Key Request Form