Minor Repair / Renovation Request Information

All completed renovation requests will be sent to the Director of Physical Plant, Travis Bailey: bailey53@marshall.edu.

A representative from the Physical Plant will review each project.  Projects will be assessed for feasibility of the request, personnel, material, and/or equipment requirements.  Costs for each project will be estimated.  This information will be reviewed and each request prioritized.  Status of each request will be sent to the originator.

This form shall be used for renovation projects, such as:

  • To add water, electric, gas or other utility service.
  • To re-locate water, electric, gas, or other utility service.
  • To construct partitions or walls.
  • To remove or alter existing partitions or walls.
  • To carpet or tile existing floors.
  • To add doors or windows.
  • To change or alter the use of space.
  • To add or replace existing curtains or blinds.

Installations and repairs of a minor nature should be requested by phone through the normal work order process by phoning the Physical Plant at 6-6681 or click here to submit an online work order.

Emergencies may require work to be completed, which has not been approved by the Physical Plant Department.  Emergencies may cause previously scheduled projects to be delayed.

The Physical Plant Director will review approved projects with the requesting department’s contact person, to determine a final estimated cost and to provide a schedule commitment.  Following this final review, changes to the project, excluding those resulting from unforeseen construction field conditions, could require re-examination by the Physical Plant Department.

Please complete all information, print the form, and mail the completed form to your Chairperson, Dean, or Director.

To submit a renovation request please click here.