Academic Common Market

What is the Academic Common Market?

The Academic Common Market enables students who come from a Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) member state which does not offer an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program to attend Marshall University at the in-state tuition rate.

How do I know if I qualify for the Academic Common Market?

To qualify for the Academic Common Market, you must be a certified resident of a SREB member state. The Academic Common Market is not competitive or merit-based, but applicants must meet state residency and college program requirements. Residents from non-SREB states are not eligible to participate in the Academic Common Market. To find out if you are a resident of a SREB member state, please go the SREB website at to view the participating list of member states.

What steps must I follow to obtain Academic Common Market benefits at Marshall University?

  1. Provide to the Office of Academic Affairs, 200 Old Main, an original certification from the student’s residency state agency approving Academic Common Market to a specific program at Marshall University.
  2. Provide proof of admission to Marshall University and to the specified program. This should be delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. Provide proof of satisfactory progress within the specified program each semester. This can be done by completing the Academic Common Market Satisfactory Progress Report prior to the due date for fee payments for any term of enrollment.

The deadline for submission of all materials is three (3) business days prior to the last day of late registration for the semester for each term of enrollment.

Current Programs offered to SREB member state residents include:

Current member states who may participate in a degree program at Marshall University include:

For any information on the Academic Common Market at Marshall University

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Operations Coordinator
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