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Majors in the life sciences provide preparation which can lead directly to a variety of careers in industry, government agencies, and the basic and applied health fields. A major in biological science also provides excellent preparation for pursuing graduate studies leading to professions in the biological and health sciences. Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Cellular/Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Microbiology are offered within the Biological Sciences degree program.

Biology Major

The major in Biology prepares a student for a variety of jobs requiring a broad background in the biological sciences. A well-rounded program, it also provides an excellent background for graduate studies in life sciences or medicine.

Biomedical Sciences Major

The major in biomedical sciences provides preparation for careers in a wide range of health sciences.

Cellular/Molecular Biology Major

The major in cellular/molecular biology provides preparation for careers in biotechnology, cell biology, medicine and/or medical research.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major

The major in ecology and evolutionary biology offers opportunities for careers in areas such as environmental health, resource management, and basic and applied ecological research.

Microbiology Major

Students completing the major in Microbiology will be prepared for career opportunities in environmental, pharmaceutical, and industrial microbiology. Students will also be prepared to continue specialization at the graduate level in clinical, food and dairy, soil and sanitary bacteriology, or industrial microbiology.